Managing Director

Textile industry is the biggest and fastest growing sector in Bangladesh, which includes knitwear and ready-made garments along with specialized textile products, is the nation’s number one export earner. Among these sectors, knit garment is growing rapidly due to smaller investment requirement, greater backward linkage facility & higher profit than woven garments. That’s why export of knit garments is increasing steadily for last few years.

Since our journey started in the year 2008 in knit garments export, we crossed over a long way and found us as one of the best knitwear manufacturer- exporter of Bangladesh. Our business goals till the first day have remained the same: to give the best we have in prices, production and quality to our customers and that is why we are still here serving the needs of textile importers worldwide. 

Being conscious of new trends, we are fully adorned with the latest technology, modern machinery and the result is ever increasing sales throughout the world, which proved us the best for quality and productivity. Each step towards a new direction, holding ourselves ready to meet the future challenges. Unique people walking side by side, having a way of their own, endeavoring for new horizons of excellence. In harmony with the needs of time, we are intending at innovative, high quality products and determined to attempt for the most modern machinery and latest technology to procure eminence in the future of textile manufacturing in Bangladesh.

The company has established itself as a distinguished and well-recognized name in the RMG sector and a hallmark for high quality, which is a real pride for the company. Extremely thanks to management team, workers and above all to our buyers for achieving this milestone. Our commitment in cooperation and teamwork made this possible.